What matters the most to create a company of morals and strong work ethic is to lead by example as the owner. Learn more about us and our journey to achieve that goal!

The Beginning

I was born in a small town called Moyotepec, Morelos. It was my beautiful hometown with no pavement on the streets and mainly horses were the transportation. I was only there for the first 9 years of my life until my mother decided to move to the United States 5 years after my father passed away. The purpose was for a better life and a better future with promising results if you work hard.

I remember coming to Minnesota after long drives from the border. It felt different from any other state with 4-5 feet of snow in the yards on late December of 1999.

“Nothing is easy, Good things take time and results are seen after the hard work done” my mother said. I never understood the concept. The hard part was understanding and trying to communicate with a different culture. It wasn’t the easiest thing learning English. It took time but the more I was in school the more I learned the importance on paying attention.

I realize that night when I was graduating from Columbia Heights high school that time flew by me as I was receiving my diploma in the year June 6, 2010.

Our Story

I was now an actual adult and I got serious about college, but I really didn’t enjoy college since I felt like this is not getting me anywhere. I had to pay my rent and bills, so I got out of school and decided to work for a commercial roofing company in 2012 shortly after I turned 20. For the next 5 years I learned all the types of roofing systems until I was working harder, faster and knew everything the veterans knew then.

Then a blessing came to my life thanks to my Lord, I had a son and we named him Gabriel Flores. I was 25 then with a newborn and as a new father I felt blessed but also worried. I felt the growing principle as a man of work ethic that it was my responsibility to provide for my family at all costs. I started working harder and asked for a raise, but it didn’t work.

At 26 almost a year after my son’s birth, I decided to start my own roofing company. It was the hardest thing because I knew nothing of sales, materials or pricing. I started digging through the internet to learn more about prices and information about sales. I was learning as I was doing work and learned to charge more eventually as I gained more knowledge of how a business works.

I always think of what mother use to say: “Nothing is easy, Good things take time and results are seen after the hard work is done”. What matters the most to become a company of morals and good work ethic is to lead by example as an owner. Be the path and work hard, treat the teams well but what’s most important is to do the work right. It’s about the quality of work and the communication to the building owner, facility manager, or even the management company that makes things go as they should. Our mission is to do every job with the same quality as we did our first job. To get our name out in the market and to tell our clients and future customers that we are with you through to the end. Not only by our warranties or manufacturer warranties, but by the quality of work through that’s through the roof.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, we look forward to working with you soon.

-Isaac Flores Lopez

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