EPDM Single Ply Roof System

Single ply EPDM roofs are popular on low-sloping commercial buildings.

EPDM Single Ply Roof System

Single-ply EPDM roof systems create durable membranes, extending the life of flat roofs. Membrane roofs crack and decline over time due to exposure to the elements. An EPDM single-ply roof system can prevent this deterioration.

EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a synthetic rubber that stays flexible and doesn’t become brittle under temperature variations. EPDM retains its durability for decades, making it a great choice for commercial roofs.

At Gabriel Commercial Roofing, we can install EPDM to your commercial roof, boosting its longevity, preventing water leaks, and lowering your business’s energy costs. Additionally, the single-ply membrane prevents leaks and protects your building from outdoor elements like wind and hail.

Single-ply roof systems are backed by warranties up to 15 years for 45 mil, 25 years for 60 mil, and 30 years for 80 mil.




EPDM is lightweight, flexible, and durable. Adding EPDM to a commercial roof extends the roof’s lifespan and increases its durability by protecting it against sun exposure and outdoor weather conditions. 

White EPDM membrane sheets reflect the sun’s heat away from your building. This can improve your cooling costs in the summer. 

Additionally, EPDM protects the integrity of your business by keeping it safe from roof leaks. EPDM roof systems are sealed and watertight, so your roof will be free from water leaks. 


The Process

As a single-ply system, EPDM is applied in rolled-out rubber pieces.

First, the roof is cleaned and cleared of any debris and obstructions to make way for the rubber roofing system application. Then, EPDM sheets are adhered to the roof. All seams are sealed to create a fully waterproof barrier on top of your existing roof.

EPDM can be applied to brand new roofs or to existing roofs.


15 to 30-year warranties.


high-quality coating


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