TPO Single Ply Roof System

TPO single ply roof systems are highly durable.

TPO Single Ply Roof System

Like PVC, TPO single ply roof systems are highly durable. At Gabriel Commercial Roofing, we can add a TPO roof system directly on top of your existing roof, so you don’t have to deal with an expensive tear-away or roof replacement.

The reflective white roof will save you money on building cooling costs while keeping your roof safe from damaging heat stress.

Our TPO single-ply roof systems are backed by up to 30-year warranties.




We offer TPO in 45, 60, and 80 mil thicknesses. This lightweight, single ply roof restoration system is easy to install and will not weigh heavily on your roof.

Like PVC, TPO is extremely durable and will improve your roof’s longevity. This single ply roof system waterproofs your roof, increasing your building’s overall integrity. Your roof will be protected from wind and hail, as well.

The unique white roof reflects the sun’s heat away from your building, keeping energy costs low.

The Process

After cleaning and prepping the roof area, we roll out single ply TPO onto the roof surface. We then weld the rolls together in place, creating a durable roof membrane. The versatile nature of this roofing system means it’s a great choice for most roofs.


15 to 30-year warranties.


high-quality coating


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