Fabric Reinforced Roof System

Your new or existing roof will benefit from this rugged fabric reinforced roofing system.

Fabric Reinforced Roof System

Fabric reinforced roof restoration combines liquid membrane coating with reinforced fabric for added strength without adding excessive weight. Your new or existing roof will benefit from this rugged roofing system.

If your commercial flat roof has seen better days, Gabriel Commercial Roofing can install a fabric reinforced acrylic roof restoration coating that completely revitalizes your roof’s performance and drastically increases its longevity.

This roofing system protects your building from roof leaks, strengthens your roof’s durability, and the unique white coat drastically decreases your cooling costs during hot months.

Fabric reinforced roof systems are backed by a warranty of up to 20 years. A roof replacement is considered a capital expenditure, but a roof restoration can be expensed on your taxes as a repair or maintenance cost, saving you even more money. 


This type of restoration method boasts added strength thanks to the reinforced fabric tension. For flat, smooth roofs, a fabric reinforced roofing restoration system provides heavy-duty durability and decreases your building’s expansion and contraction.

The membrane coating creates a seamless, waterproof protective barrier that keeps your building safe from the elements. Your roof will be protected from hail, wind, and fabric reinforced coatings are fire-rated, as well.

Additionally, the white reflective topcoat ensures that your roof does not absorb heat and improves your building’s energy efficiency.

The Process

We will first clean the roof to ensure the coating adheres strongly. Then, we will prime the surface before reinforcing the base coating with all-over proprietary fabric.


up to 20-year warranties.


high-quality coating


roof is protected

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