Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roof restoration defends your building against leaks, rust, and ultraviolet damage.

Metal Roof Restoration

Over time, even the best metal roof will deteriorate. Fortunately, metal restoration can provide your metal roof with a durable, attractive coating that protects it from the elements. Metal roof restoration defends your building against leaks, rust, and ultraviolet damage.

Not only will a metal roof restoration reinstate your metal building to better-than-new condition, but you’ll gain the additional perks of energy savings thanks to the signature white roof coating.

Gabriel Commercial Roofing can apply a high-quality metal coating restoration system to your roof, helping you avoid costly roof replacement and inconvenient business interruptions.

Unlike a roof replacement, a roof restoration can typically be expensed come tax time as a repair or maintenance cost.



A metal roof coating can keep your roof safe from common issues like water leaks and rust, extending its life and preserving your building’s structure. 

Metal restoration minimizes your building’s expansion and contraction and can compensate for initial flaws in the original metal.  

At Gabriel Commercial Roofing, we apply a high-performance metal coating that creates watertight seams, designed to keep your roof from leaking water regardless of weather conditions. The coating protects your roof from corrosion and stops rust from taking hold.  

A highly reflective topcoat reflects heat away from your roof. This means your roof is less likely to fall victim to heat stress and your building will have an easier time staying cool, saving you money in energy costs.

The Process

Before applying metal restoration coating, we remove any peeling paint or scales, make necessary repairs, and clear away debris from the roof. We then apply a primer to prep your roof for the waterproofing and reflective topcoat, paying special attention to seams.

The Conklin metal coating system we use is a lightweight spray that leaves behind a white roof surface. It prevents heat absorption and your roof will last longer because it is no longer burdened by harsh conditions.


up to 20-year warranties.


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